Blackline FAQs

What are Blackline's rates?

  • Rates can vary depending on the level of service you require. Please call us today to discuss your management needs.

What is a Lease-up?

  • The term 'Lease-up' refers to the process of placing a new tenant including advertising, showing and approving a qualified tenancy.

Is there a standard rate in the industry?

  • There is no industry standard rate.  Charges and rate structures reflect the services and expertise provided.

What makes Blackline Management different from other property management companies?

  • Blackline property managers work independent of the standard 9-5 office structure to provide our clients with maximum personal service. We are available for our clients 7 days a week by mobile phone or email and we are available to do evening and weekend showings to ensure that we find the best tenancy for each investment.

    Blackline Management limits the number of properties that can be effectively managed and has dedicated staff working on every issue concerning managed properties.

How and where will my property be advertised?

  • Blackline Management utilizes the internet to its fullest to advertise and attract qualified tenants for investment properties. In addition to exposure on its own website, Blackline has accounts with websites available to the company as property managers to allow the property under management to be shown to its fullest potential. Print advertising is a popular media for rentals; however, it is the experience of Blackline that local print advertising is becoming more costly and less effective. Although some print advertising may be employed, it is minimal.

What criteria does Blackline use in tenant selection?

  • Blackline Management takes a full application for each prospective tenant of client properties. Along with this application the tenant is required to provide satisfactory identification and authorization to perform credit and reference checks as well as criminal checks (where necessary). This information provides a history of financial stability, confirmation of previous addresses, work history and income verifications.

When do showings take place?

  • Blackline will attempt to accommodate the schedule of a prospective tenant within reasonable limits. If a property is currently tenanted and limited as to its availability for showing, good working relationships make this considerably easier. Preferred property inspection times are during daytime hours to show the property in its best light but schedules do not always permit. Weekend afternoons are very popular to conduct showings and evening showings may be conducted if requested.


Do I have input in the tenant selection for my property?

  • Blackline Management will make the final decision concerning a tenancy but remain flexible to consult with clients on potential tenants prior to approving applications and signing leases. Blackline Management does not deny applications based on sex, religion, race and/or children or for any other reason that can be considered biased or prejudiced, according to legislation.


Does Blackline guarantee tenancy?

  • No, we cannot guarantee tenancies. As the rental market is influenced by any number of variables, it is impossible for us to predict or control tenancy rates.

What if the tenant breaks the lease? Do I have to pay another Lease-up Fee?

  • If the tenant breaks the lease, he/she is responsible for all costs associated with their actions. Therefore, the cost to re-lease the property, including our fee and all associated costs remain the responsibility of the tenant seeking early release from the terms of their tenancy.

Who does the tenant call for repairs and emergencies?

  • The tenant will always deal directly with the property managers at Blackline Management to arrange for repairs and report emergencies. The tenant is encouraged to log all issues and requests through Blackline’s online Tenant Portal to ensure timely and appropriate responses to their issues. The tenant will not have any contact with the client. Blackline Management will be their point of contact through the online portal and mobile phone in case of emergency.


How is the rent collected and how do I pay Blackline's fees?

  • Blackline Management encourages all tenants to utilize the pre-authorized direct deposit payment method. The tenant can also pay monthly via direct debit or credit card through Blackline’s online payment portal. If a tenant refuses to use these methods, Blackline can collect post-dated cheques from the tenant at the commencement  of the lease. These cheques are deposited into an Owner-specific account until cleared and on the 15th (or the next business day) of every month, deposits are made directly to the account of the Owner’s choice in Ontario less Blackline’s fee and any other costs associated with the property during the previous month.


Who pays the utilities?

  • The tenant will pay the utilities unless the suite is furnished, in which case invoices are received by Blackline and paid on the Owner’s behalf. These costs are deducted from the Owner’s income prior to depositing the rent into the Owner’s account.

Do I need insurance and what does it cover?

  • Yes, Owners are required to maintain property and liability insurance as may be appropriate for the rental property. The tenant should obtain their own insurance for their personal contents. Each insurer has different packages available; please see your insurance agent for any details about insurance.